Sunday, July 1, 2012

While the rest of the country is under heat advisory, this was Jonah mowing the lawn this morning with his jeans and coat on. It was almost too wet to mow too. We've had some warmer days in the 70s but no where near what everyone else is experiencing. I told Matt it is a good thing because I don't think I could take the heat. My feet have really started to swell and on Friday I even had to make my sandals bigger to fit my feet in! With Jonah I didn't really have any swelling until after delivery and that is even with working 12 hour shifts until a few days before he was born. Twin pregnancy is so different. Matt and Jonah are both napping. Jonah is catching up on sleep after he was awoken several times by some early fireworks and Matt is trying to transition back to a day schedule. Now that the cribs are assembled I can make crib skirts. There is about a million other little things to do but it is all fun stuff! We got a box in the mail yesterday from Great Grandma with the cutest little John Deere outfits (including hats!) and I can't wait to put them on the boys. All of Jonah's diapers were stripped and washed and I'm halfway through stuffing them. The boys could be here in as little as a month! At my doctor's visit this last week she said she thinks they've run out of room to turn and are locked into position with A head down and B breech. In two weeks I'll have another growth ultrasound and we'll see how big they're getting.

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Anonymous said...

I love this picture. Yes it is hot and muggy here Got a little sprinkle yesterday but not enough. i am surprised you got that box already I just mailed it Thursday afternoon. I was afraid you would not get it until after the fourth. Farmer Citys 175th birthday celebration has started but it is so hot I am not going in and sit in hot weather. Hope your swelling goes down and you continue to carry those little fellows with some confort. Praying everything goes well. Just saw Jim Poppe and his wife tht live near harry and Susan and they had a granddaughter born three months ago premature, one pound eight ounces and she has come home this week and weighs eight pounds and some She is doing well but still has some monitors for safety sake . Have not talked to Tom and Joan since he got home Hope you do not get this hot weather Crops really need rain. Love you Great Grandma Louise