Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big Brother being very good coloring pictures for his little brothers.

Daddy holding Elliott for the first time.

Elliott's first bottle which he didn't even open his eyes for. Afterward he did some practice nursing  (practice because there is very little milk) and he was a rock star. Still didn't open his eyes though.

Poor Simon. He is still having trouble breathing. Here he is taking a break from his CPAP which he didn't tolerate well but they let me snap a really quick picture before they put it back on. He got some surfactant today which doesn't seemed to have helped much as he is still requiring more oxygen. Part of the problem was that he was fighting the breathing tube when they were giving him the medicine into his lung and he pulled it out before he got the whole dose. Every time we visited he was agitated and fighting the CPAP which isn't uncommon but he gets really worked up which makes his breathing faster and less efficient. They ordered some sedation for him but his nurse tonight was hoping that swaddling him tight would be good enough to calm him down. I feel bad holding Elliott and taking so many pictures of him while I have just left Simon alone to rest. I can't wait for him to be better so I can snuggle with him too and I'm sure he can't wait to stop having his little nose squished up. He's also not eating yet because he gets so much air in his stomach from breathing so fast.


The Bowgren Family said...

Is it wrong that I'm kissing the pictures on my phone? ;) the picture of Elliott with his bottle is adorable and hilarious... He looks like he wants more so bad!

Megan Plunk said...

Poor lil Simon :( I am thinking about the lil guy and hoping his breathing improves soon so he can cuddle up with his mommy! I love you!!