Saturday, August 4, 2012

Big Day

I just got off the phone with the boys' nurse and they are doing great. Simon came off his CPAP about an hour ago and so far so good. He may need a little oxygen if he starts working harder. And Elliott is a little piggy. He has taken an ounce per feeding at the last two feedings. I had to send Matt to the hospital to drop off more milk because I wasn't going to go in until the next feeding. Both of their bilirubins were up but they're still safe from phototherapy at this point. I'm meeting with lactation for the next feeding to see what they say about his tongue. I would think exclusively pumping with twins and a preschooler is nearly impossible so for my sake they need to be able to nurse.

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The Bowgren Family said...

Lots of great news! Good luck with nursing the boys! Hugs