Friday, August 3, 2012

Busting out of this joint

I'm being discharged today. They gave me the option of staying another day but for Jonah's sake I'm going to go home. They have parent sleep rooms where I can stay overnight and be closer to the boys which I'll probably do once they're closer to discharge so we can work more on nursing. I was up every 2-3 hours pumping last night and I made a visit at 2 am to feed Elliott. He is a wonderful eater so far. He is only getting 6 ml but gobbles it right up. I hope he continues to do well after his volume increases. I think he'll do well breastfeeding but right now he gets frustrated going from a bottle to breast where he isn't getting anything. My milk is starting to come in so hopefully soon we can actually start nursing for real and not just practice. I'm hoping Simon gets to start eating today because they thawed all of the colostrum so it must be used by tomorrow morning and I would like Simon to get some colostrum too.
Simon was looking much more comfortable this morning. He was swaddled tightly and resting although he'll probably have another day on CPAP. He is down to 21% meaning he isn't needing any supplemental oxygen where he was at 40% before. His nurse said he was stable enough to hold so I'm hoping to do that before I go home today. It is going to be hard to go home and leave the boys but I know Jonah needs a little attention from me before the babies come home. Its been hard to be here in my room and hear babies crying in the rooms around me when my babies are in the NICU. I know this time is short and soon enough they'll be home and in my arms so I'm trying to focus on that and I'm doing surprising well. Even Matt said he was shocked at how well I was coping with all of this. The only time I've really gotten upset was in the OR when I realized the babies would be going to the NICU and not to my room with me to hold and feed. I didn't take any pictures this morning but wanted to give a little update. I'm going to nap for about 30 minutes before I go feed Elliott. I feel really good but then I sit down and find myself falling asleep. It could be the around the clock pumping I'm doing. It seems as soon as I finish and clean the parts its time to start again.


Grandma Joan said...

Good news! I am thinking and praying every minute for you and all your boys! So glad Simon is breathing better, I hope your bp is better too. I love the picture of Matt and Elliott. Rest when you can. Jonah will be happy to have you home with him. It has been awhile. I love you all! Hugs and kisses!

Megan Plunk said...

Great to hear you are doing well and got to go home. You are being a strong gal :) Good to hear that lil Simon is progressing so fast too! Can't wait till you all can be home as a family <3