Thursday, August 2, 2012

First visit of the day

I got up and visited the boys for a couple of hours this morning. I'm amazed at how much better I feel this time around and how well I'm moving around. That being said, I'm' going to have to be careful not to do too much so I don't feel worse.! First up is Simon. He looks pretty pathetic in this picture. He is still working hard to breath and is requiring more oxygen. The doctor said she thinks he'll need another day on the CPAP. He was a little fussy when awake and restless. He is also a fan of his pacifier.

When I went to see Elliott this is what I found, him relaxing with no oxygen!

Elliott's big feet.

Love this picture! He is so cute!


Mrs. DeBord said...

Elliott is gorgeous. I can't wait to see Simon so unencumbered. How long will you stay in the hospital? Please get plenty of rest. We love you.

The Bowgren Family said...

Adorable! Praise God for no more O2 for sir Elliott!!! I'm glad you're recognizing you need RandR and healing! Take care of you momma! Hugs