Monday, August 6, 2012

Meet your brother

We were able to get the boys together for a picture today. We didn't have much time because I had a doctor's appointment that I had to get to and the boys weren't being very cooperative. Simon was sleeping peacefully but Elliott was squirming around and wouldn't stay near his brother. Just as he calmed down Simon spit up everywhere. So we snapped a couple to prove they were together but I can't wait until we're home and we can get some better ones. We're no where near going home. I'm hoping for next week but we shall see. They're both still in isolettes to stay warm and Elliott has to have a tube put in to feed him more because he's loosing weight. I knew it was coming so it wasn't a surprise at all. On a good note though, he nursed today and for the first time we weighed him before and after he ate and he took over an ounce. So enough talking, here is what you're really here for:

Simon passed out in daddy's arms after eating

Simon's perfect little head. That's the first things the OB said in the delivery room, they both have perfect round little heads.

Elliott getting ready to get out of his bed to eat wearing the cutest outfit from Laura.. Even the nurse had to take her turn holding him because he looked so cute.

Elliott concentrating on his bottle.

Mmmm, full tummy...

...makes Elliott happy

Brothers together again!

They look the same size in the pictures but in real life Elliott looks much smaller.

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The Bowgren Family said...

What a beautiful moment, seeing them together! There go my tears again... I'm glad to see you got the package and the boys fit so nicely into their clothes. Thanks again for sharing. Continuing to pray for the boys growth and health and for you healing Kim. Love you all tons!!