Sunday, August 5, 2012

Picture catch up

Believe it or not there are pictures from the last 4 days I haven't posted. Can you believe it has only been 4 days? It feels like it has been forever since I was sitting in the hospital waiting for the boys to come. Speaking of the boys, they were moved from NICU to ISCU today. I knew it would be soon so I wasn't surprised when I heard that was the plan. Even thought I could have stayed for another two nights I decided to come home. I got less sleep at the hospital because I was visiting the boys and had to go from my room that was on one floor to see them on another floor. I also knew that Matt would take care of me and make things easier. Last night I slept through my alarm and missed my midnight pumping and pains medications. When I woke up I was in a lot of pain. I played catch up all day with the pumping and pain control. My milk has come in and now I have to be careful not to get mastitis as the early, frequent pumping paid off and I have a huge supply. When I slept through that pumping and went 4 1/2 hours I pumped 11 ounces. On day 4. That is crazy. No wonder I'm always hungry and thirsty. I'm heading into the hospital this evening to feed the boys and see their new home. I'm really looking forward to spending tomorrow at the hospital with Matt while Jonah is at preschool.

The night before the schedule c section I was contracting very frequently. I don't think it would have been much longer before my uterus would have given out.
My beautiful flowers that made my hospital room smell so good and now the house. They've been victim to a certain little boy who likes to pick the flowers apart and put them in his toys.

This is (was) Elliott's room in the NICU. The unit is made of 5 big rooms that hold 6 babies each. The 5th room has 4 bed spaces and then 2 private rooms that have the ability to be isolation room. The boys occupy those rooms. There is a window between those room which is nice to be able to glance over and see Simon.

Simon's room

Simon's first bottle! Since Matt fed Elliott his first bottle I thought it was fitting he did Simon's as well. It was also the first time Matt held him. I stayed with Jonah in the lounge so the nurse took these pictures.

Matt taking care of the house and me! Not the way we would have envisioned spending a wedding anniversary but I also can't think of a better way to celebrate our marriage than getting ready for our babies to come home.
This is when Jonah was sick while visiting the boys. He hasn't had a fever today but still isn't 100%. It would help if he took a nap but its hot (yes, this is our week or two of warm weather) which makes it hard to sleep.

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The Bowgren Family said...

Woohoo on the milk supply!! Just another shining example of what an amazing mommy you are! Kudos to
Matt for taking uch awesome care of you and the three boys. What a beautiful marriage you have!