Thursday, August 2, 2012

Update and blurry picture overload

After visiting the boys yesterday Matt picked up Jonah from preschool. They came to my room and we gave him his big brother gifts. Can you tell which one was the biggest hit? He talks all the time about having a cat named Rex. He saw a cat at Build-A-Bear that he wanted but Matt picked this one up at Toys R Us on Monday. Now Jonah tells anyone who asks about the cat that he can't tell them the name because he is going to go home and type it on the computer. At Build-A-Bear you sit at a computer and put in information, including the name, for the animal's birth certificate.

While I pumped (something I'll be doing every 2 hours for a while) Jonah played with his new toys and then we headed to see the boys. It was clear that Jonah's visits are going to be short. He was all over the place. Elliott was doing well enough that I got to hold him. He loved it and so did I. He recognized our voices and stopped crying when I talked to him. When Jonah or Matt would say anything he would try to turn his head in their direction and look. He is also a fan of the pacifier. He is definitely the louder and more active of the two boys but it may also be that he feels better than Simon. Jonah wanted to give the baby a hug while I was holding him. After thorough inspection it was determined that Elliott has really long and narrow feet. I'll have to try to get a picture of them. He is still on CPAP (at 6 and 21%) but tolerated his break really well so maybe he'll be able to come off tomorrow although they said his xray didn't look so great. The following pictures are of Elliott.

When I says Elliott came out screaming and with attitude I mean he wasn't yet out before it started. Matt got this shot. It is the least gory of the bunch.


A picture of his face during admission before he earned himself CPAP.

During his CPAP break. He was not happy about the red eye reduction light.

Holding Elliott for the first time and Jonah wanting to give him a hug.

A close up of his face.

After I was done holding Elliott I moved over to Simon as it was his care time next. The poor little guy was working so hard. His blood gases had been good and his xray looked better than his brother's but he didn't do well on his break and there was talk of giving him surfactant. He is also on CPAP of 6 at 21%. I got to take a quick picture with his mask off and see his eyes open. I hope to get some better pictures during the day. He has wider feet like Jonah but his hands don't seem to be as wide but that may just be because of his size. His cheeks and eyes look identical to Matt's although he has my blood type (1 out of 3 boys) so I can say I gave him that. The following pictures are of Simon.

Getting ready to put his CPAP on at admission

Taking his break and I got to snap a quick picture. He seems to be a laid back boy.

They happen to be in the NICU I work in so it was nice to see everyone that I haven't seen in nearly 5 months. The day shift will be another story because I don't know most of them very well. After visiting the boys we went back to my room and Jonah had his birthday cupcake for the boys.

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How wonderful! I am so glad you got to hold Elliott Kim! You know Simon will follow along soon once Elliott gets to bragging. The pictures are priceless, thanks for sharing. Prayers and hugs galore!!!