Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yesterday afternoon I fed Elliott his bottle and then tried to nurse him. It was confirmed what I had feared, he has a short frenulum, or he's tongue-tied. This is going to make nursing difficult and painful until it gets fixed but that isn't something they'll do inpatient. I have a feeling Simon is going to need his clipped too. I'm up pumping for them and then Matt is going to make a milk delivery to the hospital at 4 am. I know its probably crazy but I wanted to avoid giving them formula and my husband has graciously offered to cater to my neurosis. My supply is keeping up with them but not being at the hospital it becomes more challenging to get the milk to them. I've reserved a parent sleep room for the next three nights so I can be close to them and work on nursing. I debated whether or not I should stay home with Jonah or be at the hospital but decided that in order to get my milk supply established and get any rest, I need to be at the hospital where I can dedicate myself to pumping or nursing and sleeping. Jonah was running a fever yesterday afternoon so he can't visit the boys for at least 24 hours after it goes away. I'm still feeling good but have to make sure to stay on top of my medication. They did start me on blood pressure medication after delivery because it wasn't going down like they had hoped. So now the part you've been waiting and a little update on the boys!

First up, older brother Elliott. He has been taking the bottle like a pro so they moved him feedings up quickly and now he can take whatever he wants every 2 to 3 hours. Through the night they've been checking his glucose before feedings and weaning his IV fluids. When I called a few minutes ago he was completely off IV fluids! So now he needs to keep taking enough to keep his glucose up and gain weight. He was moved into an isolette today because he wasn't staying quite warm enough just wrapped in blankets. Its better he dedicate his calories to growing and not staying warm. There is also a possibility he could require some phototherapy for jaundice so he would need to be in an isolette for that too. He acts very sleepy all the time and rarely even opens his eyes for feedings. He just sucks down his bottle and then he's out for the count. He won't be in NICU much longer now that he is off IV fluids because they need the bed space for sicker babies. I expect him to be transferred down to the ISCU (infant special care nursery) at any time. It means he is doing well but it also means my boys will be in two separate places and it will be harder to visit.

I still can't get over his dark hair! I may have been playing with it and putting it in a mini-mohawk.

He thought his IV might taste good.

Simon continues to improve each time I see him. He is still on CPAP but last night they reduced his pressure from 6 to 5 and hopefully he did okay with that and today he may come off. I don't know if he'll be ready to go cold turkey or he might need a nasal cannula. He did fantastic on his break last night especially compared to the night before. He tolerated being weighed and off the CPAP for a while before needing just a little whiff of oxygen. So I got some pictures sans mask! His eyes are puffy from the mask and his nose squished but he's still adorable. He is also looking a little bit pumpkin like and may need phototherapy. He got moved to an isolette last night as well. He started feedings yesterday but his are all through the tube in his mouth until his respiratory issues are resolved and he can take a bottle and nurse. I didn't hold him yesterday with Jonah being sick we tried to get home quickly to put him down for a nap. I really hope I can hold him today.


Anonymous said...

Great Grandma Louise sends them hugs and kisses. They are indeed handsome boys, but I expected this from you two. Please take care of yourself Kim do not wear yourself out. Hope Jonah is feeling better. Still praying that both boys will be able to be with you soon Still hot and dry here. Drought continues. I cannot get enough of your emails as they make miles between us disapear. Know my thoughts and prayers are with you all. All my love and best wishes

The Bowgren Family said...

Thanks for your vigilant updates Kimmie! Basking in the moments of words and Picts about some of my favs :) love you all tons. Hugs n kisses all around.

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing some good pictures of Simon with out all his equipment. He is so sweet he looks pretty laid back. Glad to hear they are doing better and Elliot might get to graduate. Love u Mom.