Tuesday, September 11, 2012

4 Year Visit

Jonah had his 4 year pediatrician visit today. He was 39 pounds and just over 39 inches. 74% and 35%. He got two shots and did great. He got the nasal spray this year because they didn't have any flu shots. I thought that might be better than having to come back for another shot. The pediatrician said he was right on track developmentally. She said if we had any hesitation about his readiness for kindergarten next year we should wait. It has been something we have been debating for a while. He'll be academically ready but not socially. It would be nice to stop paying preschool tuition but it will probably be better for him in the long run to wait until he is 6 to start school. Now, pictures!

Speak of developmentally on track, these boys are really starting to track and grab toys. They have fun on the play mat when they're awake.


After coming back from the doctor I sat on the porch with the boys while Jonah rode his scooter. I tried to get a good picture of him and these were the result. He's a character.


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Grandma Joan said...

What wonderful pictures and good news! The boys are growing so fast. I love you and miss you all. Hugs and kisses to everyone.