Thursday, September 13, 2012

I haven't done a post about Jonah in a while. Sadly I don't have any pictures to go with it but I want to remember the funny things he is doing/saying at 4. He has become obsessed with car manufacturers and can point out most of them on the road. Last week when we were in the doctors office he noticed a woman's keychain and asked her if she had a Mercedes. She was shocked that he was so observant. He has a little trouble differentiating between Honda and Hyundai and can't seem to remember Lexus. His favorite is Cadillac but he tells us he has a Pontiac and they don't make them anymore.

Matt has said daily lately that he reminds him so much of himself. He talks less about having a basement but often requests a tree house. The neighbors had a tree cut down in their yard this week and while we watched them haul away the pieces Jonah asked if they could use them to make him a tree house. He doesn't understand why our pine trees can't have tree houses in them. He has the I know everything and I can do anything attitude of a preschooler. A few days ago he told Matt that he wrote Crocodile Rock for Elton John because he is a songwriter. He gets really excited when he can reach or do something for the first time and declares it is because he is 4 and he couldn't do it when he was 3. He still loves dogs and must pet every dog he sees and always tells the owner that he loves their dog. I just wish he showed as much love for his dogs. He had a big fall at the playground today and I think will be pretty sore. He fell from about 7 feet, hit the playground structure with his neck on the way down and landed on his stomach. After he finished his silent crying where he holds his breath and turns blue the first thing he said was "That was not good". He says he isn't going back to that playground again.

What's this? Simon sleeping in his car seat? The boys hate their car seats and lately there is at least one crying at all times while in the car. Yesterday Simon cried all the way to pick Jonah up from preschool and all the way home. Today they both slept!


Megan Plunk said...

Oh no! Tell Jonah I hope he feels better from his big fall :( I love the stories about him, especially being a song writer for Elton John :)

The recent pictures of Simon and Elliott are adorable, you take such great pictures!!

Miss you all <3

Anonymous said...

I agree with Megan, Your pictures are wonderful and the Jonah epicodes are priceless. He does better than me in indentifying different cars. Never could and probably never will Hope Jonah's fall will not make him too sore. Bys all are growing and I mean Jonah also. I am going with Harry and Susan to Hanie Bratchers wedding. They are picking me up so I do not drive alone. It is at a bed and breakfast in Paxton. We are experiencing a damp cool right now. Slowed down harvest a little. Love you all and Miss you greatly. Great Grandma Louise