Monday, September 17, 2012

Jonah had a full weekend with a birthday party on Sunday and then we had a mommy and Jonah date where we went to see Finding Nemo in the theater. It was his first movie in the theater and he didn't do too bad. He did ask a lot of questions and I had to hush him but he liked it. I think I could have just bought him popcorn and he would have been happy though. On Saturday night I went into the hospital to bring the NICU cookies for NICU Nurses' Day and also to fill out my schedule. Boo! I'm not looking forward to leaving my babies for 12+ hours. I think Matt's a little worried too about taking care of them himself over night. They wake up every 2 hours to eat and sometimes decide they don't want to sleep. While I was gone they cried the entire time. Simon is actually still hoarse poor guy. Here are pictures from today. The boys were awake at the same time so spent some time looking at each other.

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