Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The days and weeks are flying by it seems. I can't believe it is the end of September already. I usually have my fall decorations out at the beginning and this year I don't have a single one out yet. I usually likes to clean and organize the house really well before I decorate but since I'm in survival mode that hasn't happened. The boys are working on nursing. I've figured out that there is no way to nurse them both at the same feeding because they take so long and because they sense when the other one is eating and wake up screaming. I'll give one a bottle while I nurse the other and the next feeding I'll switch babies. The wonderful news is that they're sleeping longer at night. For their last feeding of the night, usually around 10, we give them baths and feed them 3 1/2 oz. Then they'll usually sleep for 4 hours. A couple of days ago Simon slept for 6 hours! We have also been putting disposable diapers on them at night and that seems to help them sleep longer because they're not as wet. This morning everyone was up at 4 am because Jonah had a bloody nose and Matt brought him into our room which woke up both of the little boys.

Today we went to the park and it was a little chilly. The babies were bundled in their car seats and slept while Jonah and his friends played. I've been trying to get out and walk everyday. It is nice we have quite a few stores within walking distance so our walks can be productive. Yesterday the little boys and I walked to Old Navy because I realized now that short weather is behind us Jonah didn't have any pants long enough for preschool. I don't like to send him in anything nice or with zippers so we picked up a couple of pairs of sweatpants. My legs are a little sore today from the walk back up the hill. The grocery store is a couple of miles away and I'm working up the courage to make that trek on foot.

We made mother's milk cookies for my friend whose little girl will be born on Thursday. I've already made myself 2 batches. I don't feel so bad eating cookies if they're good for my milk supply. I also made her cheesy potatoes because it freezes well and it is so yummy. We booked our tickets for our Christmas trip to Illinois. Although Jonah has never been too bad on the plane I'm sure people will cringe when they see us board with our two infants and 4 year old.

Like I said time has been flying by because we're so busy. We didn't really do anything this weekend. I had my CPR renewal on Saturday in preparation for my return to work next week and then I think everyone took naps in the afternoon. On Sunday Matt took Jonah to church and I stayed home with the boys to try to get caught up on laundry which has become an impossible task. Monday night I went with a friend to a couponing and meal planning class. I've been meal planning because I find it necessary and very helpful. The deep freezer we got before the babies were born has been very nice so we can buy in bulk and freeze meaning fewer trips to the store. The problem is that it is now 2/3 full of breast milk and growing.

I think that is everything. I don't have many pictures but there are some good ones from the last few days. Here is Elliott at the grocery store on Monday. Excuse my finger in the picture.

Simon while at the grocery store. He was awake and looking around, wide eyed the entire time. He was so excited he spit up about 5 times and his car seat needed washing.

Jonah holding Elliott wearing his new glow in the dark shirt from Great Grandma. He thinks its the coolest thing ever.

Jonah loves his book of Curious George stories so when I saw a set of Curious George books teaching phonics on the swap site I grabbed it for $8. That night he and Matt read one and Jonah sounded out several words. We've been trying to do an activity every evening and he's been doing really well. He'll work for a bit and then always ends up drawing spaceships or bugs.

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