Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bullet Points

The little ones had their 2 month appointment today. They've definitely grown! Here are their stats:
Simon-10 lbs 12 oz (12%), 21.25 in (.76%), 39 cm (49%)
Elliott-10 lbs 1 oz (4%), 21.5 (1.73%), 38 cm (14%)

Simon's head wasn't at the top of the ruler so he really isn't that long.

Those percentages are based on their actual age and not their corrected age which would be 1 month since they were a month early. The pediatrician was a little worried about Simon's head size which was in the 95% for corrected age. I think Jonah's head was always around there too. They got three shots and an oral vaccine. It has been a rough evening. They're both running low grade fevers and very fussy. Elliott discovered he can really scream and Simon has already lost his voice. I spoke with the doctor about Elliott's umbilical hernia which we won't worry about until he's closer to a year unless something changes.

Also today we went and bought a new breast pump. They recommend a new one after a years use which mine had over that with Jonah but I wanted to avoid buying a new one. However they say an old pump can contribute to mastitis so I got one today and as soon as I turned it on I could hear how much more powerful the motor sounded.

Then the drugstore to get a heating pad because heating up wet towels in the microwave for hot compresses gets old.

Work went okay. I had no trouble staying up all night because I'm used to little sleep at night. The next day was a little rocky though as Matt took Jonah to church and I stayed home with the boys who didn't want to sleep.

Jonah's often repeated phrase lately when you ask him to do something is "sure bet" which I think is a combination of sure and you bet. He also calls the guy on the Monopoly box the finale man.

I had pictures from the weekend but Matt took the laptop to work today with my camera card in it and then forgot it at work. So, more cell phone pictures.

All loaded up at the drugstore.

At the office waiting for the nurse to come in with the vaccinations. They were sad before they even got them.

Elliott was all smiles this morning.

More smiles from Elliott. All I had to do was say hi and he would flash me a grin.

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