Thursday, October 18, 2012

I have a lot of random pictures from the last couple of days. They uploaded in random order too.

Jonah wanted to try Matt's new shoes on Elliott.

At the dentist today Jonah played/tried to play a video game. I also had a dentist appointment. Jonah asked me what movie I was going to watch. I wish my dentist was as cool as his and I got to watch a movie during the cleaning and pick a prize afterward.

At the mall today. He was singing a song about riding a falcon while on a seagull.

Simon chilling at the mall. He had just eaten so was happy with his full tummy.

He also enjoys his hand.

Elliott doing some tummy time.

Elliott joined us for dinner.

Can you tell he's looking at his daddy?

Jonah had to try on his new coat and shoes.

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