Thursday, October 11, 2012

It was a cool day today and I loved it! We had a play date at the park and the boys slept wonderfully in their car seats while Jonah wore himself out. Here are a few cell phone pictures from this week.

Jonah at the park today. He may be in a video for the parks department. They were filming and came up and asked if they could film Jonah. They had him go down a slide a couple of times and walk on the trail. When they asked him to go down another slide he told them he was done. It is going to be a video of all the parks so I don't know if he'll make the cut but I'll post the link if he's in it when it comes out in January.

We walked to the pet store a couple of days ago. Jonah loved looking at the mice and rats. Yuck!

One of the babies were up at all times yesterday so after Jonah was in bed and the babies were fed I handed them off to Matt so I could take a shower. I came downstairs to find him and Simon watching tv.

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