Thursday, October 25, 2012

Really quick between feedings I thought I would post some pictures. We haven't really done anything this week. Matt had his first night of call since the babies were born on Tuesday. It was a rough evening but went okay. The babies are fussy all evening and it is so nice when Matt is home he can help out with them and Jonah. Here are some pictures from my phone.

Jonah doing some cat wearing.

We made a ghost. Its blurry because he was moving it around saying boo.

Wearing Matt's shoes. He puts his pants on backward so that the ties in the front become his tail. I've stopped fighting it and let him go to preschool that way. He unintentionally puts his underwear on backwards about 90% of the time anyway.

If the TV is on, Simon's watching it.

Elliott was sleepy.

When Matt was post call he came to the mall with me and the little boys where I had to meet someone who made the boys hats. They both loved all the lights and activity.

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