Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We've hit the period of colicky babies. From 4 pm to 10 pm they're awake and fussy. I remember Jonah going through this but it was much easier because there was only one of him so I could just sit and hold him and I didn't have anyone else running around to take care of. Some days are better than others but today was one of the very busy ones. Here are some random cell phone pictures from the last few days.

I did get all the fall decorations out. Here is Jonah going through the boxes. I was feeding the babies so he decorated. He was upset when he woke up the next morning and I had moved stuff.

Our fall project. He used cookie cutters and paint to make some fall pictures. I love the faces on the pumpkins. The top picture is ghosts.

After unsuccessfully trying to calm the boys I decided I just needed to go ahead and get some things done. I started vacuuming and they became silent. I looked over and they were both staring at me. (The flash from the phone made Elliott close his eyes though)

Someone had to have a bath after he made himself into a jaguar with marker.

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Megan Plunk said...

Oh Jonah :) Don't you know colored markers make the bath water looker really cool!