Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3 months!

The boys are 3 months (and 1 week)! The sleepy newborn days are long behind us and we've been in survival mode for weeks now. There are days that they eat, coo and smile and then sleep but more common are the days they eat and then cry while I feed the other until I switch them again. I spend most of my days on the couch feeding babies but I'm so happy to be at this point. We're nursing full time and I'm no longer having to pump at all. Next we need to work on getting the boys on a schedule and having them fall asleep in their cribs. Right now they think they need nursed or held to go to sleep and often wake up when moved. They're now in separate pack n plays in our room because combined they exceeded the bassinet weight limit and they were waking each other up and moving around a lot. We borrowed another pack n play from a friend and set that up in our room and now they're not waking each other up. This is great because before I would have to wake up Matt to get the second baby while I was feeding the first. Now he gets to sleep all night and in return he gets up with Jonah on Saturday mornings. Here are some things about the boys at 3 months:

He is definitely our fussier baby but it is also easier to get him to smile. The longest he has slept at night is 5 hours. I've heard that once they hit 12 pounds they start sleeping for longer at night so I'm hoping he'll get there this month. He tries to grab things with his hands and has been rolling from his stomach to his back since he came home from the hospital. He moves in circles in his bed at night and he has been trying to roll over to his stomach. He is really strong and lifts his head up and looks around on his tummy. When he's hungry and frantic he grabs his head and face and always has many scratches. He has horrible cradle cap. It looks like his eyes will be brown.

He is our big sweet and cuddly boy. I could spend all day holding him because he just curls up next to you. The longest he has slept is 7 hours but most of the time sleeps 5 hours at night and then cluster feeds for several hours. Since we stopped bottles his spitting up has dramatically decreased. He hates tummy time and does not pick his head up at all. He does better sucking on his fingers and hands than the pacifier. He can get really mad very quickly and frequently looses his voice. He is very vocal and makes a lot of little baby noises. He gets really excited and his little legs and arms get moving.

Both boys love their big brother and are always smiling at him to try to get his attention. As much as he loves them he is usually too busy to spend much time talking to them. He does like to sing to them but gets frustrated if they don't stop crying. He needs a lot of reminding to not hold toys over them and another reason we need to get the boys to nap in their cribs is because Jonah is not a quiet player. There are always trucks crashing and legos being dumped on the floor that wake up the babies. One day I hope all three boys will nap at the same time but Jonah is trying his hardest to give up his nap. And now, pictures! Again, getting two happy at the same time is hard.

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