Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Big News

After his interview a week and a half ago we had been waiting to hear if Matt was going to be offered a fellowship position in Cincinnati. We got word yesterday that they wanted to offer him a spot which he accepted immediately. We'll be moving in July of 2014. We're very excited but its bittersweet. We'll miss our house and I know Matt would loved to have continued working with the attendings at Children's. The proximity to family will be wonderful and it will bring more experiences and career opportunities for Matt than staying here would give. The thought of starting over in a new job for me is a bit dreadful. There is also selling the house, finding a good rental and moving across the country with 3 children and 2 dogs. It is nice that we have so much time to figure it all out.

Now some not so good news. We've reached our storage space for photos on the blog. I tried to upload three photos today and it would only let me load one. Until we figure out what to do about that we're going to be picture free. I know there is a way around it but Matt doesn't have time to set anything up. The last month and next month as well are a bit busy. We're looking at late January before we both have a weekend off together. Matt is on call tonight and I'm working tomorrow. The Christmas tree is already up and we've put some holiday activities on the calendar so we can make sure time doesn't pass too quickly and we run out of time.

To end on a good note, both boys slept for nearly 7 hours last night. I really needed that!

The boys had their picture taken on Monday. Here is a preview from the photograph.

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