Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween part 2

After picking Jonah up from preschool and having a quick dinner he was happy to put his costume on. I'm glad I didn't commit to a complicated and time consuming costume this year because I would have had no time to finish it. I barely got his tool belt made and bought him a flannel shirt. I should have spent the last couple of weeks working on trick or treat etiquette with Jonah. Some things he said to people:

"Can I come in and pet your dog?"
"Do you like my necklace/hat/costume?"
"Can I have more candy?"
"Just one more piece."
"That's my favorite!"
"I love you."

We had to pull him away from houses and hold him back from going in when people opened the door. We probably only went to about 10 houses but between each one taking so long and the steady drizzle we were ready to go home after those 10 houses. We didn't get many trick or treaters. There were three houses on our street that handed out candy this year which is an improvement from last year where there were none. One house even gave Jonah a glow necklace which he loved. I should have taken pictures when there was daylight but we ran out of time. Here is construction worker Jonah, or as one lady called him, Carle.

Happy Simon

There was an incident during a diaper change that required a new outfit. Good thing we had this little pumpkin onesie Aunt Megan had gotten for Jonah.

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