Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jonah had his hearing screen repeated this morning because he had failed at his 4 year visit. He passed this time. Taking all three anywhere is becoming a chore. I imagine once the boys are too big to carry in their car seats but too young to walk it is going to be tougher. I have blisters on my hand from carrying one car seat from the parking lot into the store a few days ago. They'll go to the doctor in a couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to seeing how much they've gained.

Matt was post call yesterday but had the flu so spent the entire day in bed. He has been a tremendous help with the boys but lately has had call, been out of town or been sick and I really miss his help. The babies are having their pictures taken on Monday and I was going to make them something to wear but I can't seem to find any uninterrupted time to get any sewing done. I do have one diaper cover done. The boys had been awake all morning and wanted to be nursed or rocked to sleep but I put them down and they fussed for about 10 minutes before falling asleep. Success! Now I must go fold the mountain of laundry consuming the couch in the playroom. We're having a play date tomorrow and people may not want to sit on our laundry even if it is clean. because that's why you're here. And they uploaded in a totally random order.

 Big boys

I had Jonah take a picture of me and the boys. 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

Jonah said he was dressed as a farmer with his truck. Currently he is wearing his tool belt and said it is his working vest. He said he is a service dog and his vest says "Do not touch".

Blessed with three boys who have very kissable cheeks and pretty eyes.

I took some pictures of Juliana yesterday. She is such a beauty! We didn't get many good ones due to the fact that we had 5 kids to take care of between us (Jonah was in preschool) and it was a cloudy Seattle day. We're going to try again tomorrow. I still have to edit the photos I took but I've never used Photoshop Elements so its slow going. Add two babies who think they need to be held all the time and I'm hoping to get them done in a month.

Jonah wanted Simon to wear his hat too. Simon just wanted to eat.

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