Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Before I forget, Jonah was humming Beethoven's 5th symphony today. I love that his preschool brings in a music teacher each week. I think its his favorite part of school. He's been so much fun lately and I think he's finally done punishing me for the whole bed rest and having babies attached to me for months thing. His behavior was pretty awful for a while. As in his teachers were talking to us bad behavior. He can't wait for our trip to Illinois and talks about how he is going to see his friend Nate. I took him (and the other two) with me to buy gifts a couple of days ago. Ugh, every year I say I'm going to start shopping earlier or do all online but then I forget. Of course this year I have no concept of time. We're not doing Christmas cards this year. The photographer who took the boys pictures in November just got the images to us last week and there wasn't a good one of the boys together in their Christmas hats. Maybe we'll do New Year cards. I'm cutting myself some slack. In other news, Jonah has been sick and now that he's getting better I'm getting sick.

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