Monday, December 3, 2012

Since running out of our allotted space for photos we've figured out there isn't much we can do about it unless we upload all of our photos to photobucket and do it that way. That would be a lot of extra work and take more time that I don't have. This has forced me to do something that I've always intended but never got around to it, making the blog into a book. So our first blog which we switched over from around Jonah's first birthday is now becoming a book. That way I'll be able to take down all those photos and free up some room. I have all the photos saved on the computer but now that they're in the book they are associated with blog posts. The book took many, many hours to make and I've found out a few things in the process. Number one is that I talk too much. More pictures and less words in the future. Number two is that I post photos of things people don't need to see. There were multiple pictures of cakes and our messy house. Anyway, I hope to get the old photos down so I can post new ones soon. There is a back log of baby cuteness and Jonah's eccentricity to show you. The boys are 4 months old now and had they're 4 month appointment today. All coming soon!

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