Friday, January 4, 2013

5 months

Because the boys turned 5 months so close to Christmas their picture is in Santa outfits. When we found out Jonah was a boy, Laura and I went shopping and found the Santa outfits. She bought one for the little one that turned out to by Abby and I got one for Jonah. When they were little we took their picture together in those outfits. When we were in Illinois Laura brought Abby's which barely fit Elliott. The boys have now switched from swaddling to sleep sacks at night. They are both in love with Jonah and are mesmerized by everything he does. They've both taken an interest in food and I can't believe they'll be starting to eat food soon. First we must buy more chairs because their high chairs sit on regular chairs.

As evidenced by the picture above Simon has become interested in his feet. After his hospital stay he is back to his old self which is soooo sweet. I'm not kidding, I could eat him with a spoon. He is ticklish and opens his mouth really big and smiles when I kiss his cheeks. He has been sleeping great at night with a record 9 hours a few days ago. He rolls on his side when he sleeps but I never see him doing it otherwise. Teeth must be coming any minute because he's been chewing on his fingers, slobbering like crazy and biting me when nursing.

What can I say about Elliott? He smiles so big and screams so loud seconds apart. He almost has rolling from his back to stomach figured out except for the tucking the arm part. He's really figured out how to grab things and has been enjoying playing with all the new toys the boys received for Christmas. Even though I try to keep his nails trimmed all the time he still manages to scratch himself so he's back to wearing socks on his hands at night. He wakes up at least twice at night.

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