Monday, January 14, 2013

We've been attempting to gain control of the clutter in the house. I don't want to move all this stuff and I'm tired of picking it all up too. The downstairs is majorly decluttered and feels good. Upstairs is a different story as we need to get the toys in the playroom under control and closets need cleaned out. I'm pretty sure there are boxes that have never been unpacked since we moved to Washington. All of this is slow going with three boys. Elliott has been extremely fussy at night for the past couple of weeks and I'm exhausted. We're looking forward to this weekend which will be our first weekend off together since the beginning of November. Now a couple of cell phone pictures

The little boys and I were watching Matt and Jonah play with his skeleton model.

Matt had his first moonlighting shift but forgot to drive his car so to avoid him taking the bus and getting home at midnight I packed up the boys and picked him up. Jonah was out within 5 minutes of getting in the car. He didn't even wake up when we got home and I carried him to his room. Which brings me to my next point, when did he grow up? I hadn't carried him since early in my pregnancy and now he's past the point that he can be carried.

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