Thursday, January 17, 2013


We've been doing a lot of nothing lately. I've taken Jonah to preschool and that is about it. The little boys and I did go for a walk the other day and I've been to the grocery store once. Every day I want to go outside but it has been so cold I worry about taking the boys out when it is the 30s. Believe it or not the boys are getting worse about going to sleep. I don't mind if they're up a million times if only they would go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Last night it was almost 2 am and they only fell asleep because I put them in the car and drove around. They are just a couple of weeks away from 6 months which is the age Jonah was when he was sleeping in his own room and almost through the night. All three boys are currently napping (Hallelujah!) so I'm going to text Matt to bring home some dinner and then I'm taking a nap too.

Showing off his presto dots car.

Simon says "Hey, get me off my stomach!"

Jonah with his marshmallow treat from his teachers. It was hard to convince him to not eat it long enough to take a picture. I should get on Valentine's for his class soon.
Before our walk yesterday in our new-to-us stroller. We bought it from an attending that has 4 year old twins. I need to figure out how to work the brake and recline the seats but it pushes like a dream, much better than the single jogging stroller I had with Jonah. The boys love going on walks and will look around before falling asleep. I never posted pictures on them but those are car seat/stroller blankets I made for the boys. They are made of two layers of fleece and have slits in the back to put the straps through. I like that I can move the boys from their car seats to the stroller without having to unwrap them completely and I don't have to worry about blankets falling or blowing off.

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