Monday, January 28, 2013

From the weekend

Its a quick post because someone is yelling at me. Here are a few pictures from our low key weekend.

The little ones after nursing.

The plan was to put a safety device on the tv so that Jonah wouldn't pull the tv over on himself. We broke the feet off the stand while moving it. After repairing it we found out that our tv doesn't have the standard mount size so now we need to get something else and try to sell the one we bought because I literally got it years ago and don't remember where. I did manage to secure the new bookshelf in the playroom so now I can let Jonah be in there by himself without worrying he's going to climb it and bring it down.

Elliott complaining he didn't receive enough avocado. He's a very enthusiastic eater. And crier. He does things with passion. Except sleep. He doesn't do that enough.

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Grandma Joan said...

So cute! They are growing so fast! Thank you for all your posts Kim. I am ready to come vist......I miss you guys so much. I love you. XO