Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Christmas at home

We arrived in Seattle on New Years Eve and after making it back to our house with all our luggage and children we got ready for Santa to visit. I had made cookies before we left but waited to decorate them until right before Jonah went to bed. We put the cookies out and I asked Jonah what went with cookies looking for milk but he answered sprinkles. Jonah went to bed and was out in about 2 minutes. I took the presents out of the closet and then we all hit the hay. Simon slept in his car seat all night because I wasn't about to wake him up just to put him in his bed. After 9 wonderful hours of sleep, we had our Christmas morning. Jonah mostly got books and a few toys. He got a CD/DVD combo called "Here Comes Science" by They Might Be Giants which he loves. We listen to the CD in the car and then he has watched the DVD that has videos of all the songs every day.

He said the cookie had a sprinkle volcano. 

Cookies for Santa

His own MD kit. He loves that he has a pager. It has only increased the number of times a day he tells us he's going to do radiologist work. Everyone and every stuffed animal has been getting medicine, shots and their heart checked out.

Checking out some new books
Santa must have gotten his letter asking for Optimus Prime.

The little boys trying out their new swing. It was the only present they received. With an older brother that has too many toys, they didn't need any.

More books!

Simon really liked sitting in the swing.

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