Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We're back!

We got back into Seattle Monday night. We spent yesterday being lazy. All three boys napped at the same time so instead of doing anything productive I too took a nap. After dropping Jonah off at preschool and picking up the dogs from the kennel I started unpacking. I've unpacked 4 suitcases and just have one box left. The challenge is always finding places for all the new stuff. We'll definitely be thinning out toys soon.

I would post pictures but Elliott is yelling at me. He has had his moments of extreme fussiness for several days. He is still coughing and has nasal drainage but should be better in a couple of days. Simon is back to his happy, sweet self. It was hard to cuddle him in the hospital when he was attached to so many wires so I'm getting my fill now. That is when Elliott allows.

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