Friday, February 8, 2013

Matt has been taking the laptop to work with him so I only have only cell phone pictures for you. Today was one of those miraculous days where all three boys napped at the same time. It's a rare occurrence because Jonah naps maybe once a week. We went to the trampoline place today so he was worn out. Since getting their shots the boys have been sleeping horribly at night. I think Simon has some teeth ready to pop through so that explains him waking up frequently. For the last three nights I've been up every one to two hours. Last night I did get a three hour stretch and it was great. There is currently a little boy sitting on my lap that is making it hard to type. Simon grabs everything he can and studies it very intently before putting it in his mouth. Here is a picture of him eating last night. It was spinach and avocado. I think we'll do carrots tomorrow. I have a feeling they'll love that.

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