Monday, February 11, 2013

Matt left the charger for the laptop at the hospital over the weekend so I can't upload any pictures from my camera. We went to Juliana's baptism yesterday and then a party afterward. Matt is on evenings for the next month. He got home around midnight which is when Jonah started throwing up. He was so disappointed to miss the Chinese New Year celebration at preschool. I was hoping he would forget but the first thing I heard this morning over the monitor was "Wake up, daddy! Happy Chinese New Year!". He was also disappointed that I wouldn't let him go to work today. For the past few weeks when Matt is at work Jonah will tell me he has to go to work or that he is on call. He gets his shoes and coat on and tries to leave. Once he even got my car keys and was attempting to unlock my car (I was watching him to make sure he didn't get in the car). Today when I was making Matt his dinner Jonah asked if I could pack him a snack. I did but then told him he couldn't leave until I got out of the shower. When I came down he was wearing his coat, had his shoes on and his lunchbox in hand waiting for me. I told him he had to call in until he had gone 24 hours without throwing up. I'm running out of distractions and excuses. Here is the only recent picture from my phone. Simon likes to grab the spoon when I'm feeding him but not to put it in his mouth. If I let him have it he shakes it and flings the food off.

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