Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The blog has been quiet lately. I'm loving Matt's schedule this month but also hate it. It is so nice to have some time with him during the day where he can help me by getting Jonah to preschool or letting me go to the store alone. Today we all went to Costco and then on a walk together. The downside is that I do dinner, baths and bed for all three boys by myself. I use to enjoy when Matt worked nights before the babies where born because after I got Jonah to bed I was free to do whatever I wanted but unfortunately, although they are much better, the babies are still demanding in the evening/night. I promise I'll take some pictures soon. Simon is sitting up and falling over less often. Elliott isn't there yet but probably because he has a tendency to scream if he isn't being held which he is getting better with and has been spending some time rolling around on the floor. Although I don't have any pictures of my boys, here is a picture of our Seattle family. They're all leaving this summer and we're going to miss them so much but we're so happy they're moving on in their journey. I don't know how we would have made it through my bed rest and the boys' hospitalization without them.

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