Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The boys 6 month peds visit went well yesterday. I had Jonah with me which made it quite the adventure but we were able to practice holding the door open for people. I'm currently sitting in the Costco parking lot after dropping Jonah off at preschool. There is an hour between when I drop him off and when it opens so I get myself breakfast from Panera and sit in the car making my grocery list and listening to the radio station of my choosing. Anyway, because of my current location I don't have all the stats for the boys but I do remember their weights. Are you ready for this? *Edited to add all the stats

Simon was 14 lbs 6 oz (3.67%), 25 in (2.38%) and his head circumference was 43 cm (38.3%). Elliott was 14 lbs 15.5 oz (7.64%), 25.25 in (4.6%) and his head circumference was 43.3 cm (47.92%).

Elliott's head grew a ton in the past two months. He definitely has some chubby cheeks going on. It must be all of those middle of the night feedings he does. They did well with their shots. The crying had stopped by the time we left the office. Elliott was a little fussy last night and Simon woke up more than he usually does at night. Jonah was very interested in the shots and told the nurse he has shots at home. Afterward we went to Rainbow Play Systems to let the kids play inside while the moms chatted and stayed out of the rain. It's so worth the $4 to have a place for the kids to run around and play when it's been raining and cold for weeks.

Matt had his annual ski trip yesterday. He hasn't skied the last two years since hurting his knee but he brought Settlers of Catan and a book and there were plenty of other people who didn't ski either and hung out in the lodge. He wants to take Jonah next year for ski lessons. Seems a bit silly since we'll be moving back to the plains. Here are a couple pictures from the appointment yesterday, one of Simon in the swing and one of Jonah with his snake which he named Voldemort. We started reading Harry Potter but we haven't even gotten to the part about Voldemort talking to snakes.

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