Monday, February 4, 2013

Why I need to develop a taste for coffee

Matt was on call Saturday and Sunday nights. Last night was rough. Here is how my night went:

Put Jonah to bed after he wouldn't pick up any toys. He was asleep in 5 minutes

Simon fell asleep

Elliott finally fell asleep and I go to bed too

Elliott is awake and wants to nurse. We go back to sleep

Caleb is getting in the recycling and making a lot of noise which wakes up Elliott. I put Caleb in the bathroom and nurse Elliott back to sleep

I'm awakened by loud noises from the bathroom. I find Caleb has climbed on the toilet and then onto the counter where he got the wetbag out of the sink and emptied the dirty diapers onto the floor before emptying the contents of my makeup bag. What woke me up though was the starfish that he had fished out of the glass container of shells and dropped on the floor. After picking everything up I find that Simon is awake. He sees me and smiles really big and puts his arms out for me to pick him up. Have I mentioned that he is the sweetest thing ever? I feed him and we go back to sleep.

I hear Jonah on the monitor yelling for me. When I go to his room he tells me he is starving and needs some of the messert (how he says dessert and its too cute to correct) from the Super Bowl. I tuck him back into bed and tell him to go back to sleep

Jonah is yelling again. This time he is telling me to bring him a bandaid. I go up to find out what is going on and he tells me he has a burn on his finger. I tuck him back in and beg him for a little more sleep. My alarm is set to go off at 7 so I change it to 7:30.

Caleb starts scratching at the door and crying

Jonah is yelling again. This time he's yelling "Wake up, mommy! Open your eyes!" and now I'm up.

Babies are loaded in the car and we're sitting in the driveway with the car running waiting for Jonah to put his seat belt on, a battle every single time we get in the car. Matt pulls up and I'm tempted to have him take Jonah to preschool but he had a bad night so he goes to bed. I finally put Jonah's seat belt on and he screams and cries because he wanted to do it. We pull into preschool and as I'm getting him out of the car he says he thinks he needs new pants. I spend 15 minutes at the preschool getting him to go to the bathroom and changing his clothes. In the meantime the boys who usually stay in the car during the drop off are enjoying their social time and smiling at all the moms and teachers that walk by their car seats.

Now I'm home and trying to decide if I should make myself feel better by getting some exercise or eating some of the eclair cake I made yesterday. Here is a picture of Elliott watching the game yesterday. I love his fluffy hair. I think its time to put away the three month clothes!

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Melissa said...

We had a rough week last week with sleep, I was ready to cry.....wait, I did cry! Haha. Thank God this seems to be a better week