Monday, March 11, 2013

7 months

Better late than never here is the 7 month post!

At 7 months Elliott is starting to sit up but falls over often. He doesn't get upset when he does though. I think he has started to mellow a little and there is far less crying except at night. He wakes up less often but when he does wake up there is no consoling him except for nursing. He has a tendency to get overtired and will be up all day long. Those are not fun days. He loves Simon and is always smiling at him. He's been making the m noise a ton lately. Last week I was holding him as I was getting their food ready and he started smacking his lips. For the most part he is still refusing to feed himself. I try to offer food to him and even put it in his hand and he just screams. I don't know how much he weighs but he's outgrowing 6 month clothes, mostly in length. His eczema has been horrible lately. It is mostly his back and stomach but either he or I must have eaten something which wasn't good for him because in the last couple of days he has developed spots head to toe. He compounds the problem by scratching his stomach and chest through his clothes.

If I had to use one word to describe Simon at 7 months it would be curious. Others would be determined, loud and hungry. I'm always amazed at his dexterity and his ability to get his hands on whatever he wants. On more than one occasion I've found him with JoJo's bone. If he is in your lap those little hands are always reaching out to grab things. If he and Elliott are on the floor playing he immediately wants whatever Elliott has even if its the same thing he has. He'll attempt to grab toys from Jonah too but usually it is the other way around. He loves eating and opens his mouth like a little bird whether the spoon is coming to him or his brother. After dinner I hand him the spoon to entertain himself while I give Elliott a bath. I feel like a tooth is going to pop through at any moment but nothing except for slobbering, chewing and fussy baby so far. While Elliott's eyes are always on Simon, Simon's eyes are always on Jonah. He finds everything Jonah does hilarious.

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