Saturday, March 30, 2013

At the zoo

Matt is working this weekend and silly me thought taking the kids to the zoo for an Easter egg hunt would be a good idea. It may not have been so bad if I was feeling better but I'm still at about 60%. There are tons of things that made the day difficult but a hot shower, Tylenol and tacos when we got home have helped. I won't even attempt to take the kids to church by myself but we were invited to a BBQ tomorrow and I'm debating whether I should go or stay home in pajamas all day. We'll see how late I'm up tonight since I have yet to make Jonah a little bag for his Easter stuff, stuff and hide eggs and make a dish for the aforementioned BBQ which would require a trip to the store. The good news is that Elliott has been a rock star in the sleep department. He's been sleeping an 8 to 9 hour stretch at night. Simon is still getting his nebs at night so I'm up with him but I hope to be done with those soon. He started an inhaled steroid twice a day on Thursday since he still isn't better. We'll go back to the doctor on Monday unless he is drastically improved. They have been weighing him at every visit and he has gained weight every visit. He was 15 lbs 10 oz on Thursday. The photographer sent me the Easter pictures which I'll try to post soon. Lets just say you can really see Jonah's personality.

I didn't have a picture of Elliott so I had Jonah take this one while I was feeding Simon.

Simon giving himself a neb/adding some slobber to the albuterol.

Even his favorite toy, the remote, wasn't making him happy about the mask. I like to use the mask for the steroid so it's not blowing into his eyes.

Jonah feeding the elephant a cracker.

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