Thursday, March 14, 2013


Here are some pictures from around the house this week.

They made bees at preschool on a day Jonah doesn't attend but the teacher sent home the supplies with us when Jonah wanted to make one.

Jonah took this picture and asked that I send it to grandpa.

My sick Elliott

On a walk on Monday hoping it would put them to sleep. This is when we arrived home so you can see it didn't work.


I was feeding Simon and had Jonah take this picture of Elliott. Poor boy feels crummy. He hasn't been sleeping well at night either.

Jonah wanted to make me breakfast. That is cheerios and craisins. After he made a huge mess he took the bowl and told me I could get my own.

My car hit 90,000 miles this week without any major problems. We've been talking about minivans but I'm going to be so sad to see my car go.

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