Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fun Day

It is Matt's last week working evenings so we took advantage of him being home during the day and went to Chuck E Cheese. We still had tokens left over from the last birthday party. I brought my big camera so lots of pictures! I'm still working on 7 month pictures and update.

A tired Elliott

He heard My Little Pony and ran to watch

Being a firefighter. Simon is excited

Watching cartoons and eating pizza

Simon at the end of the trip

Jonah and his prizes. He loves the glasses

Elliott at the end of the trip

We went to exchange a duplicate Transformer to find that they didn't have what Jonah wanted in store so we had to order it and it came today. He is currently napping with it.

Jonah had to introduce Chase to some of the other Transformers

Simon loving on Sophie the Giraffe. The boys love it! It may be worth having two.

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