Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It has not been a fun couple of days around here. Simon started wheezing more over the weekend so Monday morning I took him to the doctor. He got two nebulizer treatments while there and oral steroids. They almost sent us to the hospital but since he seemed to do better with the nebs they sent us home doing them every 4 hours with instructions to go to the ED if he got worse. I developed a fever and body aches overnight so Matt stayed home from work (after much begging from me). I took Simon back to the doctor where he got more steroids and we're continuing the nebs every 4 hours for the next day and then going to every 6 hours and back to the doctor on Thursday. The doctor said we're probably looking at asthma in the future which, after seeing how he did with RSV, we thought would be the case. I slept all day in between feeding babies. Matt attempted dinner and is now on plan B, pizza. Elliott recovered from his cold over a week ago so he's been a very good boy and slept for 6 hours last night which was appreciated. Jonah loved having Matt home with him today and I'm thankful he was here to take care of us.

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