Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Poor Elliott has a cold and had a rough night. His nose is stuffy and he has a cough and fever. I rocked him until 4 am and then I had to have Matt take him for a while because I hadn't gotten any sleep. He has taken a long nap this morning but we're going to spend the day cuddling on the couch. It is rainy, overcast and cool so it is a good day for it. Right now we're watching the coverage on Pope Francis which is exciting. Here are some pictures from yesterday.

This is actually an outtake from the other day. Simon likes Elliott's hair just as much as we do and I've found him rubbing his head a few times.

Jonah doing his favorite activity, playing with legos. Yesterday was a pj kind of day.

The new baby pen to keep the babies in and the dogs and Jonah out. Now that the boys are becoming mobile and putting everything in their mouth it was important for my piece of mind to have a space where I know they are safe. Jonah has on multiple occasions accidentally dropped things on the babies and fallen on them.

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