Friday, April 5, 2013

8 months


At 8 months Simon weighs 15 lbs 11 oz according to his doctor's visit last week. He has his first ear infection but no teeth yet. In the past I've commented out cuddly and sweet he can be. In the last month we've really seen his personality emerge. He's goofy and so smart. He loves to dance and to grab your attention with a smile and by shaking his head. Seeing Jonah and his daddy make his face light up. He is still an expert at extracting toys from Elliott's hands and I frequently find him with a pile of stuff he has gathered around him. Simon is very steady when sitting and rarely falls over. He used to be my great sleeper at night but since he has been sick he wakes up at least twice at night. The good news is both boys are now taking regular naps and going to bed by 8. Sometimes he is really interested in food and other times he is silly and just shakes his head and smiles. He is still an excellent nurser albeit a very distracted one. He stops frequently and turns his head to see what is going on around him.


I don't know how much Elliott weighs but, like Simon, he is moving to 9 month clothes. He just recovered from his first big cold (as you can tell he wasn't feeling well during pictures). He continues to be either very happy or very sad. He loves his brothers and when he and Simon are sitting together Elliott is usually smiling at him and talking to him. Gone are the days of him practicing the m sound and now all I hear is da da da. What makes him the saddest is watching me nurse Simon. I usually try to face him the other direction. He sits pretty well now. He doesn't tend to fall over unless he's reaching for a toy and lunges for it. I have on many occasions found him sprawled out in Simon's lap where he is getting is hair pulled or hit on the head with a toy. He loves to eat and nurse. Still no teeth yet! He signs "milk" and recognizes "all done". Just wait until he learns "more" which was Jonah's favorite sign. He is still a little flirt and likes to smile at everyone but we discovered he only likes to do it when I'm near. Last week at the doctor's office I took Jonah to the bathroom while a nurse stayed with the little boys. I heard Elliott crying from the hallway and when I walked in the room he immediately stopped and smiled. He's my only one with any separation anxiety. He has developed the habit of sticking his tongue out when he smiles. It makes him look very weird. He has been a rock star at sleeping. Most nights he's been sleeping 8 or 9 hours before waking up to nurse and then going right back to sleep. We've been laying the boys down awake and they've been going to sleep on their own usually within 15 minutes. Hooray!

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