Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A recap

I'm sure I'll forget something major but here are the highlights of the last week and a half.

I sold at my first consignment sale. I worked a 4 hour volunteer shift and earned the extra 5% of my sales. I think I brought almost 100 items and had less than 10 left at the end. I already have a box started for the fall sale. I picked up two bath seats and an Ergo at the sale. I'm in love with the Ergo. It is so much more comfortable than the Bjorn (which I sold). I'm going to buy another so that Matt and I can both wear the babies on vacation.

That's right, we're going on vacation. Matt has to take a two day test in Tucson in June so we decided to make it a family vacation. And we're driving there because we're crazy. We don't have an itinerary yet but we plan to see the Grand Canyon. After deciding to take a trip we found out the day after Matt's test his friend is getting married 4 hours away in Texas so we're going to drive to the wedding. The road trip will be a trial run for our move across the country. I may decide that the kids and I (with another adult) will fly and Matt and the dogs will drive.

Speaking of driving, we test drove minivans. We're not any closer to deciding though. I really wanted to love the Chrysler because the price is great but I just didn't like how they drove. I did however love the Honda. But I also love leather, dvd, navigation and a sunroof. We have the luxury of shopping around and time to find what we want.

Grandma Joan visited and Jonah got to check off some activities he's been asking to do. There are places that are difficult for me to take him with the little boys alone. We went to the science center, museum of flight and outlet mall. We ran out of time for the children's museum but Matt will be on nights next month so he can come with us one day.

The weather is getting nicer and we've had some sunny days. I really want to work in the yard and plant flowers but I haven't had a chance to get any yet. Jonah didn't go to preschool Monday and today he had a dentist appointment. I may try to go tomorrow. Truthfully it is so much easier to go places without Jonah. He is challenging.

I worked Friday and Saturday nights. It was the first time I worked two nights in a row since the boys were born. The working part is easy. Everything else will get easier as the boys get older and I'm no longer having to wake up and nurse them during the day and pump at work. We're over 3/4 of the way there! I think I'll be so ready to be done when they turn 1. The plan is to move them into their room this week. I still need to hang up the black out curtains.

I can't think of anything else major but Elliott is currently yelling at me. I'm going to feed him and then we'll head outside to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Seconds before Jonah knocked Elliott over

And blew on his tummy
Elliott taking the inaugural swing ride. He loved it! Simon was inside napping.

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