Monday, April 1, 2013

Simon is doing much better and the doctor thinks we'll be able to stop nebs by the end of the week. He now has an ear infection though and started antibiotics today. They will also take care of his eye gunk which appeared this weekend. Elliott has also been acting like he isn't feeling well. He's been coughing and has the same eye drainage. His ears looked okay though and he now has drops for his eyes. The people at the pharmacy should really know me by name. There was a big problem getting the medication because the boys have the same birth date and so we had to call the insurance company. We also found out the insurance company has Elliott's name misspelled. They only have one t (there are many ways to spell it and we went back and forth on how many l's and t's before we decided on two of each).

We just hung around the house yesterday. Jonah was very excited about his presents and the eggs left by the Easter Bunny. He showed the babies everything he got and didn't even notice the babies didn't get anything. They didn't notice either. Jonah played with his legos all day and I couldn't even convince him to get dressed so we could go to the park. The babies turned 8 months old today. I just took their 8 month pictures so I'll post those sometime. I also have their Easter pictures to post. Here are a couple short videos from the weekend.

Elliott was very fussy yesterday so when I needed to give Simon a neb I set him up to watch Jonah play. They played "together" for at least half an hour.
I went to take a picture of Elliott and Jonah and came back to find Simon had rolled over to the fireplace and taken the wreath down that was hanging on the fireplace screen. He is going to keep me busy.

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