Wednesday, May 8, 2013

9 months

At 9 months Elliott has two teeth on the bottom. The boys have been sleeping in their room for about three weeks now. I was hoping they would start sleeping through the night when we moved them but it hasn't happened. They have individually slept through the night but never on the same night. Elliott goes down around 7:30 and wakes up between 4 and 6 to nurse before going back to sleep until 7. He has really started to like feeding himself. Last night they both ate chicken, carrots and banana by themselves so I was able to sit down and eat rather than spoon feeding them. I think Elliott may be allergic to eggs. Twice I've made them scrambled egg yolks and both times Elliott's face has been splotchy afterward. His eczema is only kept under control with topical steroids. When he is fed and well rested he is smiley and fun. He likes to pull hair and kissing his cheeks makes him laugh.

A few weeks ago Simon started clapping and just recently started waving too. He loves to dance when he hears music. When we're shopping I'll tap on something to keep him entertained and he starts dancing. Everything Jonah does or says makes him smile and laugh. Its very hard to tell Jonah not to sit on his brother or yell in his face when it elicits that response from Simon. He has been feeding himself but doesn't eat as much as Elliott. The tongue out smile Elliott was doing last month has passed on to Simon. He is a happy baby but if someone he doesn't know is talking to him he is very solemn. I love how he reaches for me and how he bounces up and down when he's excited. The boys don't go in for their 9 month appointment until next week so they will be weighed then. The outfits they're wearing are 12 months. Jonah didn't really have any 9 month summer clothes so we're moving on to 12 month clothes.

Elliott wanted me to hold him and not have his picture taken. It was all downhill from here but I continued to take pictures because it was cute.

The arching starts

I love the way Simon is looking at Elliott.

My favorite part of the warm weather is shorts and easy access to those little baby legs to kiss.

While I was taking Simon's picture Elliott continued to cry

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