Monday, May 13, 2013

I can't even remember the last time I blogged. I lost count of the number of days we went to the beach. My car is now full of sand. We wanted to enjoy the sunny days while they were here and also spend time with our friends before they leave. The moms went out to dinner without the kids which was really nice and we wished we would have done it before they were leaving. We survived the first week with Matt on nights and are on to the next. I took the weekend off for Mother's Day. We went to a children's play. I think Simon enjoyed it the most. It was hard for Jonah to sit still. Next week is Jonah's last week of preschool. Even though I have to practically drag him there I know he'll miss it. He starts swimming lessons this week. The boys will visit the pediatrician this week. Simon now has two teeth on the bottom and Elliott is working on #3 and 4 but they haven't broken through the gums yet. No crawling yet but they're rolling all around.

Taking a break after we walked to Lowes

Simon has no interest in baby toys. He only wants to play with Jonah's toys.

Last year I dreamed of this moment.

At the beach.

I love this boy!

When Jonah gets tired of walking he hops on the front of the stroller.

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