Monday, June 10, 2013

10 months


We have a crawler! Simon started moving forward a couple of weeks ago. He's not to the point where he gets on his hands and knees rather he does an Army crawl. He still has two teeth but his gums are swollen on the bottom like more will be coming soon. We had a week where both boys were sleeping through the night but then Simon got a little cold so he's been waking up once a night. He usually naps really well and if he is tired he'll go to bed. If he isn't ready there is no convincing him its time for bed though. He'll scream and scream until he is picked up and then he is fine. After the other boys have gone to bed he can often be found downstairs having a ball. He loves anything to do with water and took his first trip to the pool where he enjoyed splashing.


Elliott isn't crawling yet but will be soon. He pushes himself up with his arms and he uses his legs to go forward but he can't coordinate the two. He is definitely allergic to eggs. I thought I would see how he did again and I got my answer when he vomited multiples times after having just a little bit. We were given a jumperoo and Elliott really likes to play in it. He bounces and loves when we cheer for him. Both boys are also starting to hold onto our hands and stand. They look so proud of themselves. Elliott has two teeth on the bottom and one tooth on the top has poked through where we can feel it but isn't moving down very quickly. He is a fantastic sleeper and I can't even remember the last time he woke up during the night. He sleeps on his stomach with his arms tucked in at his sides and he likes when I rub his back when I lay him down.

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