Thursday, June 6, 2013

Picture dump

I thought things would slow down once Matt came off nights but he failed to mention that board review started this week. By the time he gets home the kids are in bed or on the way there. I feel like I'm drowning in housework. I mowed the lawn, or rather weeds, before the HOA sent out an email about everyone keeping up their front yards. The weather has been really nice and we've been out with our friends every chance we get since they'll soon be gone. Jonah finished preschool (a post coming about that) and will be done with swim lessons next week which is just in time for our vacation. I chickened out and decided it would be better to fly. So the airplane tickets are booked but I need to find a hotel for the first three nights. Here is an excessive amount of cell phone pictures. I know I need to do a 10 month post but I haven't taken any pictures yet.

Our Lego family from L to R:Me, Jonah and Matt. The hair choices were limited but I think Matt's is pretty good. He is holding a needle while Jonah, a knight, has a sword and I think I have a pan? It was supposed to be a Father's Day present but Jonah couldn't contain himself and told Matt about it as soon as he walked in the door.

Sweet baby boy. He's so pretty he gets mistaken for a girl all the time.

I found Jonah making funny noises trying to get the babies to smile for a picture. I wonder where he gets that from...

He said he made a baby Jesus star. I think he's talking about the star of Bethlehem. 

So big!

Capturing the chaos. Jonah is wearing a sweater vest that Veronica made for the boys.

Little cowpoke Simon


Continuing the cowboy theme unintentionally.

I found him in his room asleep like this last night. It was probably because I found him at 5:30 am looking at the same magazine.

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