Thursday, June 13, 2013

So we're leaving for vacation in just a few days and I am not prepared at all. I just now booked a hotel for the first couple of nights. I think there is so much to do that I'm paralyzed. Or maybe its that I've been a single parent for months now. I guess it is coming either way. First order of business is to clean the house because a nurse I work with is coming over on Saturday to watch the boys while Matt and I go to the end of the year banquet. I'm having a little bit of a panic attack about a stroller. I don't want to take our nice stroller and run the risk of it getting broken while being loaded and unloaded from the plane. After the one I ordered was delivered to the wrong house and no word on when it will make it here, I'm on the search for one locally because it is too late to order anything online. Most stores don't carry double strollers. I tried to buy a used one tonight but it didn't fold up which wouldn't work for the airplane. I need to find one tomorrow!

I'm really excited about vacation. We'll get to see some friends in Vegas and El Paso. The most exciting part is spending a week with Matt. We're always so busy and as a mom my work is never done. I don't want a maid or nanny, I just want my husband. He's my partner and teammate and we've been missing him so much. Jonah especially feels his absence and the days that he doesn't get to see him and then wakes up to find him already gone for work in the morning are rough. This year was supposed to be the roughest so we can't wait for July 1 which is the first day of his last year of residency. There won't be a huge difference in day to day but there is very little call which means I'll be working more but we'll still get more time together on the weekends. I'm tired and I'm rambling. Here are pictures. I don't have any individual pictures of Elliott but he went to the doctor today to have his weight checked and he was up to 17 lbs 1 oz which is in the 5th percentile. The doctor was very happy with that. He gets  mistaken for a girl all the time because he is so beautiful. Today the boys were wearing matching, all blue outfits that said "Mommys big guy" and a lady asked if they were brother and sister. Then asked if they were a year apart. Then asked if they were identical. Seriously?

Planning on buying that stroller I had unloaded my stroller from the car so we had to rent a stroller at the mall. Jonah was excited because he has always wanted to try one. Here he and Simon are riding while I had Elliott in the carrier. 

Simon chillin in the tub

Matching pjs

He'll do anything to make his brothers laugh. Lately he's taken to dressing up.

Jonah picked up that dragon at the store and carried him all around talking to him. We have stuffed animals coming out of our ears but he was too cute so I bought him. He hasn't left his side since. He named him Trouser.

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