Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vacation Part I

We started our vacation in Vegas. We flew in late on Sunday night and didn't really have any concrete plans. We spent Monday walking around showing Jonah a few different casinos. He loved Excalibur and excitedly proclaimed it was King Arthur's real castle. That evening we went over to my friend Karen's house who moved to Vegas last year for her husband's fellowship. Unfortunately the program was shut down so they had to find another program. They were moving in a few days to South Carolina for his last year of oncology fellowship. Her youngest was Simon and Elliott's age the last time we saw him so it was neat to see him so grown up. Coincidentally, Veronica and her family were also vacationing in Vegas for the week. Her husband's program wouldn't let him take the last week of residency off so he took the week before off and they went on vacation with his parents. They came to Karen's house too so we said our goodbyes because they are officially moved to Santa Fe now. On Tuesday we went to the famous Las Vegas sign and took a picture. It was disastrous. Jonah whined and cried while the person we had paid tried to take a picture and then when we were done he cried because he hadn't been smiling in the picture. That's pretty much how every single day of our trip went. We then made the long drive to Flaggstaff where we arrived at our hotel which did not have the cribs they said they did and every other hotel we called was full. The boys slept in their car seats which went pretty well. Actually they all did well the entire trip with sleeping in hotels. A few nights Matt had to lie down with Jonah to get him to sleep but for the most part they all slept well. I think the heat was probably exhausting. Tomorrow, the recap continues. As much as I didn't want to do it, I took all the kids with me to the doctor today. After 5 days of pain and pressure I finally have antibiotics for a double ear infection. Why didn't my husband prescribe them you ask? Well because he told me I didn't have an ear infection. Good thing he uses big machines to diagnose and not an otoscope. Elliott acts much better with no fever and no need to clean his nose out today.

The best one
scenic stop
Elliott taking a break from the car seat
Jonah got some "actual Legos" to keep him busy in the hotel

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